Giza Airport Transfers

Giza Airport Transfers The city of Giza is situated on a vast plateau in the Egyptian desert, close to the River Nile. It is world-renowned as the location of some of the most spectacular historical sights in the world, and hundreds of visitors flock here annually to see the awe inspiring pyramids and other monuments which rise up from the desert floor. The Giza pyramids themselves were built around 4500 years ago seemingly as royal tombs for the fourth dynasty kings. However, there remain many secrets and mysteries around these mighty monuments to a lost civilization. Giza is likely to remain a must-see place of interest for many years to come! Airport transfers and airport shuttles from Cairo Airport to Giza centre are only 40 kilometers or 1 hour, making it the ideal choice for a summer break. ATS, the Airport Transfer Service, also offer great value airport transfers, airport shuttles, airport taxis, and group transport to hundreds of other great destinations across Europe. Giza Airport TransfersPrivate transfers from €21.20 One wayShared transfers from €12.74 One way