Heliopolis Airport Transfers

Heliopolis Airport Transfers The lost city of Heliopolis, meaning ‘city of the sun’, was one of the largest centres of ancient Egypt, and was located in the inland area which is now north-west Cairo, linked to the Nile by canal. Written about in ancient texts as a renowned seat of astronomical and theological learning, Heliopolis housed ancient Egypt’s most incredible temple. Unfortunately, none of the original building remains as its stones were thought to be scattered amongst the masonry of medieval Cairo. Airport transfers and airport shuttles from Cairo Airport to where Heliopolis once stood are only 8 kilometers or 30 minutes, making it the ideal choice for a summer break. ATS, the Airport Transfer Service, also offer great value airport transfers, airport shuttles, airport taxis, and group transport to hundreds of other great destinations across Europe. Heliopolis Airport TransfersPrivate transfers from €12.73 One wayShared transfers from €6.60 One way